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“Phenomenal! She’s done all the heavy lifting for you!”

~Jason Van Orden
Business Strategist for Thought Leaders
New York, NY

Just landed your first gig?

A speaking circuit Veteran?

No matter where you are in your speaking career, chances are you’re still asking yourself…

  • “Why didn’t they pick me?”
  • “What should I talk about?”
  • “Why did I mess up this talk? The last one went so well…”
  • “Wow, why am I so nervous?!”
  • “What can I do to not end up on the ‘No’ pile. Anything?!”
  • “I got selected. Uh oh, now what?!”
  • “What stages should I apply for?”
  • “How can I maximize business from my talks?”

Eradicate the Guesswork for Good – Confidently Watch your Star Rise Every Time you Step Onto the Stage!

Yes, you can spend the next year or two figuring out the answers on your own. AKA getting rejected for your dream gig AGAIN (not even receiving a lil’ note explaining why the heck not you), giving talks that don’t resonate, botching an incredible opportunity because of nerves…

… or, you can choose to seize this opportunity to access the Insider Secrets of a TEDx Executive Producer and Award-winning Director, skip the dreaded rejection and public bloopers, and short-cut your path to:





These incredible outcomes are not only possible, but INEVITABLE when you apply the PROVEN strategies laid out for you inside of The Fearless Speaker…

“My first ever TEDx talk was a huge success thanks to Tricia Brouk!”

“I walked off that stage a different person…”

I was a nervous, worried first time speaker and Tricia Brouk walked me through my TEDx talk with a righteous, no nonsense approach to public performance. She is a born leader and brings out the best in the people she coaches. I am in awe of what she did with me. She walked me across the finish line and I was able to deliver my talk with confidence. I highly recommend Tricia Brouk!

Mary Gauthier | Award Winning Country Singer/Songwriter

“I’ve been speaking for ten years and never hired a speaking coach.”

When I wanted to take my craft to the next level, I hired Tricia. In only a few weeks, I made key changes to the delivery, personal interaction and flow that has made me a much better speaker and I couldn’t have done it without Tricia’s tools. After spending a mere 8 hours with Tricia, I spoke to an audience of hundreds of executives who loved the speech. I want to personally thank Tricia for her encouragement, passion and feedback, all of which I’ve used to improve myself as a fearless speaker.

Dan Schawbel | New York Times Bestselling Author, Forbes & Inc. 30 under 30, Fortune 500 Consultant

“I loved working with Tricia and hope to continue-“

She is wonderful about giving tools and tricks to master the stage and advice for your next big talk! Thank you Tricia!!!

Dr. Taz Bhatia | Physician, Bestselling Author, TEDx Speaker

The moment you join, you get access to Insider Secrets – gathered from decades of creating and giving award-winning performances…

… as well as years of deciding which speakers get to step onto the TEDx stage (and what speakers go on the dream-crushing “No” pile).

I’m pulling back the curtain on what it takes to be a speaker EVERYONE wants to book and see on their stage, and give a performance of a lifetime, EVERYTIME.

I’ve done all the research for you, and you’ll walk away knowing exactly how to…

Write Winning Applications

Land paid speaking gigs

Make your audience fall in love with you

Consistently Captivate your audiences

Get booked out months in advance

Add additional revenues streams to your business

Never forget your next line (ever again)

Be regarded a top speaker in your industry

Apply to TEDx and connect with event organizers

Choose the perfect stage for you and your business

Let go of nervousness; be absolutely FEARLESS on the stage

Craft a life-changing pitch


You get to have a MASSIVE IMPACT with a life-changing, well-put-together talk that turns indifferent attendees into life-long fans

(That’s right. During your talks? Nobody will even remember they own an iPhone, let alone check notifications)

Your Message Deserves That.

Who am I to promise you the stars?

“Tricia is where public speaking and business meet!”

If you want to speak on the biggest stages (and make great money doing it) you need to work with Tricia Brouk! She’s an absolute MASTER at public speaking. Add to the mix a brilliant business brain, and you can expect to massively scale your business through her programs and mentorship. Tricia is without a doubt “SO MONEY” when it comes to public speaking!

~Farnoosh Torabi
America’s leading personal finance expert, creator of the “So Money” podcast, financial columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine

I’m Tricia Brouk

A TEDx Executive Producer. Writer. Award-winning Director.


You don’t want to be yet another average, run-of-the-mill kinda speaker (ANYBODY can step on the stage these days, UGH!).

Nor do you want to be great SOME of the time.

You want to consistently deliver goosebump-inducing performances that are…

Compelling, Inspiring, Magnetic, Bold, Meaningful, FEARLESS

That’s why I’ve wrapped up all the tools, techniques and shortcuts I used while working intimately with industry-leading speakers, as well as successful actors like Kate Winslet, James Gandolfini, Christopher Walken, Steve Buscemi, Susan Sarandon…

…into the GOLD-STANDARD Resource Library for speakers worldwide. Stop *hoping, praying, wishing* you’ll captivate your audience. Or that event organizers will get back to you. Or that you’ll FINALLY get a response to that now-or-never application.

What to do instead?

Join the ranks of hundreds of speakers with high standards, and GUARANTEE global impact with your message!


All training videos
Resource Guides
Templates (emails)
Improvement tracker



(only 4 spots left!)

Everything listed under self-study, and…
5 reviews of emails to event organizers
A letter of recommendation
A 2-hour virtual or in-person (NYC) rehearsal of your signature talk
Personal introductions to top speakers’ bureaus (6)
A 30-minute 1:1 to be used within 3 months (for direct support, direction, STRATEGY)
Feedback on 6 applications in 12 months
BONUS: A ticket to the “Speaker Salon Showcase” on November 8 in NYC


“As a conference organizer, I am absolutely blown away by the amount of detail and attention Tricia has put into this course.”

If a speaker applied to speak with only half of what is provided in the Fearless Speaker course they’d be leaps and bounds ahead of many of the applications I have seen.

~Michael Roderick CEO
Small Pond Enterprises, LLC

The Fearless Speaker gives you everything you need to land quality gigs and consistently deliver standing-ovation-worthy talks AT YOUR FINGERTIPS (no more second-guessing your emails, applications or performances).

Here’s What’s Inside…

Get INSTANT ACCESS to all the templates, resource guides, tracking sheets and training videos on….











Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover inside

→ Event Applications Demystified: 3 things you need to STOP DOING, if you want to avoid ending up on the “No” pile

→ Behind the scenes: How TEDx (and other big events) pick their speakers – based on me personally interviewing over 25 TEDx organizers

→ What you can do AFTER you apply, to stay top on mind and stack the deck in your favor!

→ 5 unconventional ways you can stand out as a speaker – even if you’re in a saturated market and you’re just starting out

→ A little known hack to GO AROUND the application process altogether and land a personal invite

→ Before & After the Pitch: How to Use Words That Get You Noticed (don’t make these common and *unavoidable* mistakes!)

→ A-Z GUIDE: How to craft a winning application – and land the speaking gigs that will change your life and career

→ ANTI-JITTER TOOLKIT: 4 proven ways to eliminate confidence-destroying self-judgement – so you can become a FEARLESS speaker!

→ The secret to getting your audience to act – whether that’s opting in to your lead magnet, or changing a habit. This is how you make an IMPACT beyond your performance

→ The absolute KEY to making sure you’re always fresh and captivating – even when you’re so nervous you’re knees are about to buckle

→ How to decide what to talk about: never experience another “Oh, no! What am I going to talk about?!” moment, or give a talk that’s a misfit with this ultimate guide on choosing the PERFECT TOPIC

→ EMAIL TEMPLATE: Swipe this proven email and discover what the organization is looking for (so you can give it to them!)

→ BECOME MAGNETIC: How to consistently captivate your audience with tools used by the most successful actors in the industry (YES, this can be 100% learned!!!)

→ 3 simple things you MUST-DO – if you want to grab your audience’s attention the moment you step on the stage

→ CLOSING STRONG: How to structure your talk to evoke a standing ovation from your audience

→ Memorizing Made Easy with proven techniques that will help you memorize an 18-minute talk within hours!

→ The Ultimate Remedy for Stage Fright (featuring techniques used by my highly successful students including theater royalty, Sandra Joseph [who played,Christine, the lead in the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway for 10 years!] who suffered from severe stage fright; and Antuan “Magic” Raimone, from the cast of Broadway’s Hamilton.

→ The One thing you Should NEVER do from the stage (including apologizing, air-quotes and the “BIG MISTAKE” that will alienate an audience within seconds!!)

→ IMPROVEMENT TRACKER: Become a better speaker every single time (included are: the filler word count, physical tracking and more!)


This is your opportunity to skip the second-guessing. All you need to do is follow my tips and SPEAK!

“Tricia! I just booked two, six-figure consulting jobs, and we’ve only just begun!”

“Highest return on investment (ROI) I’ve ever experienced in my business!”

Working 1:1 with Tricia has yielded the highest Return On Investment (ROI) for my business. When I started working with Tricia I thoroughly knew my content but I had a tendency to wander, I didn’t know how to incorporate storytelling and I even went off topic to convey my ideas. My way was not working. Tricia used her unique system for gathering and organizing thoughts and ideas so that I could deliver a powerful message with confidence. After working with her, my message was stronger, succinct, direct, and my confidence through the roof. The ROI? I was able to close two six-figure coaching/consulting jobs with two of my ideal clients. I’m blessed to have Tricia Brouk in my toolbox; what’s in yours?

Mari Carmen Pizarro | High Performance Coach and Founder of Whole Leadership Systems

“Tricia is one of the most diligent, professional, and thorough speaker coaches I’ve worked with.”

She has this unique ability to dive into what’s needed for a talk to succeed and gives you the exact roadmap to make that happen. I’d recommend Tricia to anyone who is working on any kind of talk or presentation.

Chirag Kulkarnil | CMO of Medly, Marketing Tips in Forbes, INC., Fortune Fast Company, TEDx speaker

“One of the things Tricia asks early in the process is “who is this talk for”.

Tricia helped me to see how I could take my story and deliver it in a way that could reach the audiences across different arenas.

Pamay Bassey | Author and Chief Experience Officer, My 52 Weeks of Worship Project, TEDx Speaker

The Fearless Speaker Guarantee

I stand 100% behind this offer and it’s been PROVEN to work for those who apply the principles shared inside. That’s why all sales are final, and we have a no money back policy. However…

90% of the speakers that work with me, are fully booked within weeks or months. So, if you needed a guarantee, here you are!

If you dream of making an impact through your talks, you owe it to yourself to join The Fearless Speaker!

I’ve witnessed Speakers walk on stage one way, and walk off another. Becoming the best speaker you can be? It’s not just something you do for your audience, or your business: it’s something life-changing you do for you.

And if you have that message, that story to tell… I can guarantee that what you’ll discover The Fearless Speaker within you and how to bring out all the deeply moving and inspiring magic that’s been waiting to be released.

Tricia Brouk

Let’s set it free. Let’s set you free.


All training videos
Resource guides
Templates (emails)
Improvement tracker



(only 4 spots left!)

Everything listed under self-study, and…
5 reviews of emails to event organizers
A letter of recommendation
A 2-hour virtual or in-person (NYC) rehearsal of your signature talk
Personal introductions to top speakers’ bureaus (6)
A 30-minute 1:1 to be used within 3 months (for direct support, direction, STRATEGY)
Feedback on 6 applications in 12 months
BONUS: A ticket to the “Speaker Salon Showcase” on November 8 in NYC


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I choose the self-study version, or do VIP?
Great question! I recommend the self-study version if you’ve just landed a few speaking engagements, and want to improve. However, if you’ve already been speaking for a while, and want a strategic fast-track to landing better gigs, get paid more and be the very best speaker you can be, opt for VIP. NOTE: if you’re just starting out, but ambitious and ready to go straight to the top of your industry, feel free to snatch one of those last VIP spots!

Will this course help me make money from speaking?
Oh yeah… many of my clients land gigs that put them right in front of thousands of qualified leads: to clients, profitable partnerships and business opportunities. Like my client Mari Carmen Pizarro. Through speaking she landed two, 6-figure consulting jobs within weeks.

Will I have time to make the most of this program?
Yes! First of all, this program will save you so much time. Instead of figuring things out through painstakingly slow trial and error, you’ll skip all the way to being a fully booked pro speaker. Secondly, this information is accessible to you WHEN YOU NEED IT. Dive in when you run into a problem, need a quick answer, or are looking for ways to quickly upgrade your skills.

I don’t have a signature talk, is that a problem?!
I highly recommend you join [The Art of the Big Talk ]. Inside this [7 week] mentorship program, we’ll write your signature talk. Learn more by clicking on this link.

I’m not sure I’m ready to start applying, should I wait?
No! Everything you need to successfully apply is INSIDE of The Fearless Speaker. Swipe the example emails, hit the key points that make you stand out and increase your chances of being picked. Not sure you’re “stage ready”? By the time you’ve gone through The Fearless Speaker you will be. I’m showing you proven techniques I use with speakers and actors that enable them to give the performance of a lifetime, EVERYTIME.

Will this make me a more successful speaker?
Absolutely! I’ve done the heavy lifting for you and did extensive research on both the skill of landing quality gigs, as well as giving consistent standing-ovation-worthy talks. All you need to do is implement my tips, tools and techniques and step ON THE STAGE!

Can I take this program next round?
Yes, and no. I’m totally over delivering this round. Especially VIP is an absolute no-brainer: with personal intros, a ticket to my live event, reviews of emails, direct support. Next time chances are big I’m dressing it down a bit (or upping the price). This is your only chance to get this much value at the current price of $1997 or VIP at $4997. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

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Please note that by signing up for The Fearless Speaker, the participant represents and warrants that the payment does not cause the participant financial hardship and the participant can bear the economic risk.


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